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How To Know When It’s Time To Replace Your Roof

You have a responsibility as a homeowner to see to your home’s maintenance needs. That includes keeping a strong roof over your family’s heads. When is it time to replace that roof? Here’s a basic guide that will help you know when the time comes.


Start With A Timeline

If you already owned your current home the last time it was roofed, you’re in an excellent position to judge whether or not it’s time for a roof replacement. Roofing materials have a very well-defined lifespan, so it’s easy to know when they’re close to the end of it. For standard asphalt shingles, this lifespan is usually about 20 years. Other materials may wear out faster or slower.

If you bought your home “as is” and don’t have much information on the current roof, it’s harder to say with certainty when its time is up. If multiple homes in your neighborhood were built at the same time, then seeing neighbors replacing their roofs is certainly a warning sign.

Looking For Signs Of General Wear

It’s not too hard to see when a shingle roof is on its last legs. It’s always a good idea to get a close-up view before you make a final decision, though; you might not get a full picture from ground level. All of the signs you’re looking for need to be widespread to indicate a general roof failure. Call a Naperville roofing contractor before your roof collapses.

Shingle granules in your gutters are a bad sign – they show that the shingles are decomposing and losing their weather resistance. Lots of cracked and peeling shingles are also bad. Missing shingles are a definite problem, even if they’re confined to a single area. If the fastenings that hold your shingles on have weakened enough to fail at one point, the others are probably in bad shape too.

Checking For Structural Defects

While replacing the exterior layer of your roof is necessary from time to time, you also need to check for problems in the underlying structure. Any structural repairs will be far more expensive to handle if they also require removing and replacing shingles; the time to get them done is while you’re having your roof replaced.

Walk over your roof (wherever it’s safe to do so) looking for “spongy” or “bouncy” areas. These could indicate failures in the decking or underlying supports. Check each ridgeline and confirm that it’s straight; any saddle shapes indicate serious damage. Finally, get into your attic or roof space and look for signs of damage. Common problems include water stains, cracked or warped decking, and points of daylight visible from inside.

If You’re Calling A Roofer Anyway

Sometimes your roof is damaged in one area severely enough to require professional repairs. This doesn’t mean to just go to Home Depot and ask them how to fix your roof. Whenever this is the case, take a moment to consider having a full roof replacement done. If your roof is old enough and the damaged area is large enough, it is usually more cost effective in the long term to have the entire thing replaced at once. Splitting it into two smaller jobs makes it more expensive.

Taking care of your roof means replacing it if you stay in the same home long enough. This is an inevitable part of home ownership, but you can keep the cost of a roof replacement to a minimum. Do it as soon as you know it’s needed. Don’t wait for a catastrophic roof failure to call a roofer for repairs.

How Many Solar Panels Should You Use?

135,000 homes installed solar panels in 2015 and this number continues to rise. There is an immediate demand for solar panels, and its benefits are wide-ranging. This is understood, but how many solar panels should a property owner be aiming for with their property?


Is there a set number that should be aimed for? Is there an equation that can be followed to get this spot on?

Let’s dive into this to take a look at how many solar panels your house is going to require before you call in the installer and have them put it all together.

Sunlight In The Area

Solar energy is reliant on the sun, so how many daylight hours are there in the area you reside? This information can be found online as it is tracked in this day and age. Understanding how much sunlight in your specific area is something a solar panel installation Chicago company can assist with.

Watt-Hours Per Day

How many hours are each of your appliances running for? You want to understand this because it will help illuminate how many watt-hours there are in your household.

Duty Cycle

A duty cycle is the “100% capacity” of any given power source. So, if you have a phone, and it is 100% charged, this is its 100% duty cycle. You have to figure out what tasks are going to impact the duty cycle. So turning on the dishwasher might lead to 1/6th of the duty cycle (16.6% use).

Figure this out to understand how your energy use works out.

Power Output (Peak)

You want to figure out what the highest amount of energy is going to be used at one given point during the day. There is a “peak” amount that will have to be looked at to determine how many solar panels you are going to need. Go through your energy bills to figure this out.

When figuring out the details for your solar installation, you should discuss your project with the best Illinois solar company (or whichever state you’re in).


You will now take the watts-hours and divide by voltage (battery). This will tell you the amount of power you need from the battery per hour.

Look at this number to understand how many panels you are going to need. To get this spot on, you should have more information available on the solar panels to see how much they can put out while running.

All of this information can be found online, or you can speak with the installer to see what they will be using for the process. The pros break this down for you along the way.

Please do speak to a specialist service to see what they have to say. You will have to figure out how many solar panels are required along with other parts in the system that have to be installed. You will want to go through all of these before you start the project as that is key. Learn more with this Chicago solar company video.

You don’t want a situation where there are not enough solar panels for your energy consumption requirements. All of this information can be broken down and used as you like towards meeting the requirements that are in place. Think about this before you sign up for anything.

The components, cost, and savings from using solar panels

When installing a solar panel system on your home or business, it can help to understand the entire process and the components of the solar panels. While you will probably be interested in the cost of setup and installation of your new solar panel system, you are also likely interested in the savings you will realize after the system is up and running at full capacity.

This short helpful video explains everything you need to know.